First video teaser!

Madrid Games Week

We have been showcasing a prototype for Sky Sheep, a little as a way to present us, and a little as a way to know what would be the reaction of the public for such an idea, and we can't be more happy :-)

For four tiring days a bit more than 200 persons came to test our game, confirming that the idea, although simple, is appealing. And we got a bunch of new ideas to pick up the proyect with renewed energy and make it better than we think about.

Sky Sheep is our first game as Proyecto-Iris: a game of skill and reflexes in witch we must guide a crazy sheep who loves to do sky diving through obstacles of increasing difficulty.

With this game we want to make a nice debut: a simple, friendly and amusing game, with short and fast play sessions, where the player can test different skill levels and compete with others players in online score tables.

It's being developed in Unity3D, and we plan to have versions available for Windows, MacOS and Android devices.
Sky Sheep characters concept
Sky Sheep level selection mockup